OJCC Player & Parent Charter

(Abbreviated from the Cricket Wellington Junior Code of Conduct)


  • Enjoy participating in junior cricket                   
  • Be prepared properly for participation in junior cricket
  • Participate at a level commensurate with their age, ability, maturity and interest
  • Participate according to the rules, play hard but fairly and safely within the spirit of the game
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of achievement, success and belonging
  • Display sportsmanship and teamwork, tolerate differences, and acknowledge good performance, whether by teammates or opponents
  • Experience skilled, qualified and sensitive leadership by coaches
  • Cooperate and show respect for the coach, teammates, opponents, officials and parents
  • Accept and abide by the decisions of officials without dissent.  If necessary, let the captain or coach seek clarification
  • Use suitable equipment                     


  • Encourage their children if they are interested in participating in junior cricket, without forcing them to play
  • Remember children are involved in junior cricket for their own enjoyment not for that of adults
  • Encourage children to play hard but always play by the rules
  • Focus on effort, skill development and performance rather than on the outcome
  • Praise children for the good things they do rather than criticise them for making mistakes or losing
  • Lead by example and display good sportsmanship for children to copy
  • Acknowledge good performance by the players in both teams
  • Be courteous in communication with players, coaches and administrators
  • Respect officials decisions and teach children to do the same
  • Recognise the value and importance of volunteer coaches and administrators and show appreciation and support for the time, effort and resources they put into junior cricket.  Without them children could not participate. 

Player and Parent behaviour is governed by the Cricket Wellington Junior Code of Conduct. 

In a rare instance of a player or parent breaching the Code, Cricket Wellington reserves the right to call a Code of Conduct Hearing that may result in a reprimand, a fine or suspension from club play.