Girls Cricket

Girls Only Sunday League Cricket
The focus of these games is on participation and having fun. Open to entry level cricketers as well as cricketers of all levels in school years 5 - 8.
​​​​​​​This is a great way to see what cricket is all about.  Girls will play against other wellington clubs.

Games are 16 overs and played with a "soft ball" so no protective cricket gear is required.  Everyone in the team will get a turn to bat 4 overs and bowl 2 overs, while rotating through fielding positions every match.  All gear required to play is provided by OJCC.​​​​​​​

Premier Girls Hardball Cricket

Played on a Saturday afternoon, these matches are hardball cricket for girls in schoolyears Y7 - Y11.

Three forms of cricket are played during the season - pairs cricket, T20 and then 30 over matches.  

Cricket is played with a hardball and protective gear must be worn.  All gear to play is provided for those who dont have their own.

Girls are also encouraged to play in our mixed Saturday teams. Girls are permitted to play up to, two years down from their school year in the Saturday teams.